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Overseas Market Strategy

Overseas business strategy

Overseas business strategy support
SIP will aggressively promote the second growth strategy of IPO venture companies, cross-border business of medium-sized companies and large enterprises. Even when there are no resources for overseas deployment within the company, we will also plan strategies from scratch, negotiate partners, support them with establishment of actual subsidiary etc.


【Master Strategy Formulation of Overseas Strategy】
The strategy to enter overseas market is to capture corporate products in the Japanese market as a core product in high-tech marketing theory, and develop it as whole product adjusting to the characteristics of each overseas markets based on marketing research. We will also support them to establish a local production facilities and strategy with local partners in alliance way.


【Efforts for national markets】
● In the Internet application companies, if its functional application service becomes novel, the most effective to approach becomes direct approach from Silicon Valley to the United States market which leads to global lead of de facto standard. SIP will support Japanese enterprises to enter the US market through a network of incubation companies and venture capital firms with Silicon Valley, NY, and Boston area.

In addition, SIP will support the management of local strategies in Japan and other Asian markets in the negotiations with local potential partners as agent of foreign companies.

● Investigation and support for the partnership with Israeli technology startups
Alongside the US Silicon Valley, another first class advanced technology is Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, and Fifa in Israel which densely complicated R&D organizations, known as start-up nation. SIP will find local strategic technologies in Israel and negotiate and coordinate alliance, investment and joint collaboration projection.

● China Business Consultation
Regarding the business in the Chinese market and business alliance with Chinese companies, SIP will support Japanese companies in the area of Shanghai Delta, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Fujian Province through the network of JEFFREY KUO who born in Taiwan and grown up in the US, and experienced investment banking business and PE business Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tokyo. SIP have been supporting the establishment of a subsidiary and network making and will continue to work as an important area of manufacturing business in close relation with Taiwanese government’s R&D institute ITRI and TVCA (Taiwan Venture Capital Associations), KPMG Taiwan Japan Practice, Taiwan Securities.

● South Asia Business ・ Consultation
SIP thinks Southeast Asian area is one of high growth developing market, Singapore as its hub and Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, and others.


【Past Achievements】

  • Support negotiations on sale of Japanese domestic manufacturing assets and factory of European semiconductor company to China local government owned device sales companies.
  • Participation and negotiation for Japanese company to for the acquisition of the US balancing technology mobility system.
  • Strategic support for Japanese senior chemistry company in the new product deployment for the US market.
  • Support of the negotiations for media, and fintech company against overseas Telecom companies.

“To overseas companies”
SIP will actively promote cross-border business. We support non Japanese company for its Japanese strategy from management personnel, partner recruiting to succeed Japan entry strategy