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Atsushi SAITOH, founder of director Chairman who created first Japan Limited Partnership legal based on the Japan Civil Law applying to JAFCO Fund 1, and also founder of Japan Asia Investment Bank, and CSK Venture Capital, established Strategic Investment Partners, Inc. (SIP) to attain the US standard leveled performance in 1996.

●Oct. 1996     Foundation of Strategic Investment Partners, Inc. First CEO Chairman is Atsushi SAITOH, and President COO is Chikayasu ITOH.

●June, 1997   Incorporated SIP Global 1, L.P. in Cayman nationality.

●January, 2000 Incorporated VC Club S.S.M Limited Partnership by Atsushi SAITOH and other individual venture capitalists with LP investment from SMRJ.  SIP manages Fund management business from the fund.

●June, 2000   Atsushi SAITOH became CEO and President

●June, 2001   Changed English company name into Strategic Investment Partners, Inc.

●July, 2004    Incorporated  Intellectual Creation Investment Limited Partnership. March, 2005 SMRJ invested into the fund as LP investors.

●June, 2005   Kazutaka FUJIWARA became President COO, and Atsushi SAITOH became Chairman CEO.

●June, 2006   Shigeki SAITOH became CEO Representative Director.

●July, 2007    Acquired the Digital Convergence Limited Partnership Fund from Japan Digital Convergence Corporation.

●June, 2008   Shigeki SAITOH became President CEO.

●August, 2010           Incorporated Takuya SIP Startup Limited Partnership Fund

●Oct. 2011     Incorporated Hong Kong subsidiary Strategic Investment Partners Limited(戦略創造投資有限公司

●April, 1st 2013 Incorporated Strategic Asset Management, Inc. and Yuichi SEKIGUCHI became President of the company.

●April 16th, 2013        Incorporated SIP Financial Group Corporation.   Structured Strategic Investment Partners, Inc. and Strategic Asset Management, Inc. as its subsidiaries.

●May, 1st, 2013         Kunio HAMADA became Statutory Auditor of SIP Financial Group and Strategic Asset Management, Inc.

●August 1st, 2013      Strategic Investment Partners Limited (戦略創業投資有限公司) became subsidiary of SIP Financial Group Corporation.

●April 1st, 2014          Strategic Asset Management, Inc. changed its company name into Strategic IR Insight, Inc.

●April 1st, 2014          Akira SHIRAKAWA became Representative Director Senior Management Executive.