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For Partners

SIP provides not only financing but also the advices on the business model concept which will maximise the future value of the company as well as the corporate strategy taking industrial trend into account by our staff members who have long experiences in corporate management and investment.

Also our key members have close relationship with the key persons of the large companies’ business divisions in many kinds of industries. For venture company, it is not easy to create relationship with large company and to propose their products to the right person. SIP will utilise our network and introduce to the right person as well as to follow the proposal from higher managements of the large company.

Further, at the time of IPO, we will support on the points such as;

Drawing up appropriate capital strategy

Drawing up relevant stake holders components which avoids antisocial power.We also advise M&A as for exit plan.


For investor

SIP provides high yield investment opportunity through early stage investment strategy and to create emerging growth by our hands-on support to the venture companies which gives the companies to have relations with large companies.

We recommend our high quality investment funds not only for institutional investors but also for individual investors aiming private equity investment.


For enterprise company

The reason why NTT Docomo could create mobile Internet market first in the world is that they had concentrated on developing their infrastructure and to support the venture companies who are considering to provide new contents utilising the infrastructure.

  • In US, large companies terminated the concept of “all by ourselves” to avoid the risk of the appearance of unexpected market needs or innovation of new technologies, and positively utilise the products provided by the venture companies which complement their own resources and place it in the companies as their outsourcing partner through their capital affiliate strategy.
  • SIP provides these kinds of opportunities such as to distribute services/products produced by venture companies and to support creating affiliation between large companies and venture businesses for further business expansion.


For Venture Company


SIP will contribute to portfolio venture companies with advice on business modeling which would bring corporate value maximization and business strategy with perspective in the industry by the strong stuff with rich experience on business and investment.


In addition, SIP team have deep relationship and network with enterprises in many different industry from past rich business experience. For venture company, to negotiate with enterprise corporations in order to make an alliance on distribution partnership. SIP will introduce venture to the right person in enterprise corporations through its own path, and follow up its negotiation with top-level approach.


Moreover, SIP support venture companies with thoughtful capital policy plan, design on stakeholder map without worries about troublesome stakeholders, and bring M&A candidate if they hope it as exit strategy.


For Investor


SIP will perform high ROI on its managed VC fund through the differentiated strategy with early-stage targeted investment and hands-on support by alliance with enterprise corporations, which enable emerging growth. We will present investment into SIP’s VC fund in their portfolio for both financial investors and individual investors.


For Enterprise Corporations


NTT docomo Inc succeeded in exploit of first mobile internet market because they take collaboration strategy with venture companies which targeted content business on the mobile internet while they dedicated to prevail and evolve the infrastructure of mobile internet.


US Enterprise companies will think highly of Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) strategy. Their CVC investment into seed stage ventures is regarded as outsourcing of R&D in complementing own R&D resources.


SIP advocates venture collaboration strategy for enterprise corporations, matching between enterprise which is looking for innovative new potential products and venture which need strong distribution channels for its products.