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sekiguchi2Yuichi Started his career in the Nippon Credit Bank, Co., Ltd., (currently known as Aozora Bank).  where he took on various responsibilities including, M&A, derivative trading, and fund management, during his posting in Tokyo, London and in Hong Kong. After departing from NCB in 2000, he has held senior executive positions in several listed companies.: >>続きを読む

Kunio Hamada, Statutory Auditor

hamada-kunio2  Kunio is a former Justice of the Japanese Supreme court, specializing in international business transactions, with an emphasis on international securities and financial markets. Kunio also held his own private practice, Hamada & Matsumoto, which later merged with Mori Sogo in 2002 to form Mori Hamada & Matsumoto and was well-known for its activities in the European >>続きを読む

Naohito Miya, Auditor

miya2  Naohito joined the Chuo Kyodo Audit Corporation (currently KPMG Azsa & Co.) and later became a partner at Inoue-Saito-Eiwa Audit Corporation in 1991.  In 2006, he became a partner in charge of the IPO department of the Tokyo office of KPMG AZSA & Co and an executive board member. After leaving KPMG Azsa & Co, Naohito >>続きを読む

Atsushi Saitoh

ph01-thumb-103xauto-21  Atsushi was one of the first venture capitalists in Japan. As Jafco’s founding director, Atsushi developed the first “American-Style,” limited partnership structure in accordance with Japanese law as for part of the first-ever, venture capital fund in Japan, Jafco 1.    He later founded Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd., which supported Japanese ventures expanding in Asian >>続きを読む

Shigeki Saitoh

2013shigekiSAITOH  Shigeki is CEO of SIP and uses his extensive, cross-sector business experience in driving value for portfolio companies.   Shigeki started his career at NTT, where he specialized in sales and marketing of the NTT telecommunications network for enterprise clients.   After receiving his MBA from MIT, Shigeki joined Netscape Communications Corporation, where he >>続きを読む

Akira Shirakawa

shirakawa2  Throughout his career, Akira has achieved 63 exits from portfolio companies he has managed.   At JAFCO, Akira supported early-stage companies with business development and hands-on IPO consultation. During his tenure, he helped support 29 portfolio company IPOs in 15 years.   In 1996, he joined Urban Corporation as a director to lead the IPO process. >>続きを読む