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Born in 1955.  Graduated from Hitotsubashi University, majored in commerce and management.  Entered JAFCO.  Supported portfolio companies  with hands-on IPO and investment development to venture companies.  Assisted 29 companies for IPOs for 15 years.  In 1996, joined Urban  Corporation as a director of IPO.  Led the company to IPO in JASDAQ,  promoted disclosure business as an IR director.  In 2000, he was invited to UFJ Tsubasa Hands-on Capital Ltd. as the first CEO.  Developed the venture capital organization from scratch and was in charge of recruiting, team formation, a fund plan and operation management system.  As Chief Investment Officer of investment committee, he was responsible for overall investment development.  Received investment from “public sector” and “pension fund,” which are usually very strict about judicial responsibility and operated and managed total fund of 13.31billion yen in limited partnership method.  At the same time, invested 94 venture companies, among which are in the early stage.  For 5 years, managed EXIT in total of 26 companies (including Buy-backs, among them is 11IPO companies.)  Successful EXIT ratio is 26/94≒27.6%(among which is successful IPO ratio is 11/26≒42.3%) In June, 2005, when Mitsubishi Tokyo group and UFJ group were merged, left the company.  In 2006, joined SIP as a director.

Throughout his career,achieved 63 exits of portforio companies of his funds and now still increasing.